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Media Involved

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Rates And Services

Services We Offer
Exhibiting Companies

Event Timeline
Marketing Plan & Execution
Booth Selection
Budget Management
Booth Signage and marketing material
Lead Generation
Vendor Relations
Post Event Attendee Public Relations

Steps to Successful Solutions

Branding, awareness and building your customer base is the goal of all companies who exhibit at events.  The companies that reach their goals know that it is more than just showing up.  Planning, preparing and following up is the only way you will truly maximize your ROI. 

We will work with you to make sure you achieve your goals. From the moment you decide youw want to exhibit to the follow-up message you send each person at the event, a plan is vital to success.

Our first consultation will consist of questions and answers to determine your trade show goals and objectives.   There is no charge for this first meeting and it is a chance for each of us to determine if our companies are a good fit.

From there, we will provide solutions for you to consider. 
Our solutions vary in our level of pricing and involvement.  At a minimum, we can provide a timeline and guidlines for success.  A more involved program may have us design each marketing piece, attend the event or implement a follow-up plan with each attendee. 

We will work with you to develop a trade show plan
that best meets your budget and needs.

Advantages to working with Media Involved

  • We have been on both sides of the fence; management and exhibiting.  We understand the game.
  • We stay focused on the big picture so that your theme and message is clear and effective.  it is easy to get distracted and miss deadlines or forget to tell the staff what the event message is (much less develop an event message).
  • We believe in measuring success.  It is amazing how many exhibitors have no methods to determine if an event is successful or not.
  • We will follow-up on leads.  We are creative and analytical with how we reach out to attendees to convert them to customers.